Welcome to the Debian packages repository of Dalibo

To use the packages available here:

1. Add the repository to /etc/apt/sources.list

       deb http://debian.dalibo.org/ <dist> main contrib
       deb-src http://debian.dalibo.org/ <dist> main contrib

   Replace <dist> with the name of your Debian distirbution
   e.g. wheezy, jessy, and so on

2. Run apt-get update to get the packages list

3. Install the GPG key of the repository, available in "dalibo-keyring":

        apt-get install dalibo-keyring

   The fingerprint is:

        pub   1024D/EEE2A6B3 2010-11-18
            Empreinte de la clé = 81DD 687D 46C4 03FF 095F  DF8E 4D83 C83E EEE2 A6B3
        uid                  Dalibo Debian Archive <debian@dalibo.org>

4. Run apt-get update again to have the signatures verified

About the contents:

Important: PostgreSQL packages are not longer maintained since the PGDG now provides its Debian repository. Please use the official repository by following the setup instructions in http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Apt.

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